Welcome to the home of the AHRN, the Australian Hydrogen Research Network. The organisation was established in 2021 and incorporated as a non-profit public company in 2023. The AHRN is the community of researchers and interested stakeholders supporting the emerging hydrogen industry in Australia. We foster excellence in hydrogen-related research through an ongoing program of seminars and knowledge-sharing activities. By providing thought leadership, advocacy, and research tools, the AHRN offers its members domestic networking  opportunities as well as access to international collaborations.

Upcoming Events

For further details, please visit the website at www.ahrc2024.com.au.

International Research Fellowships

The International Hydrogen Research Fellowship Program supports research in areas of critical national importance, by providing the opportunity for early to mid-career researchers in Australia to partner with researchers overseas.

We have awarded 20 fellowships, and we hope to hold a third and final round for this program in May 2024. Please watch this space for further announcements. The fellowships will close when spaces are filled (potentially 35-40 fellows).

Find out how to express interest in a research fellowship. Family assistance is available to fellowship holders.

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