IEA Hydrogen TCP

AHRN Funding for Task experts to attend IEA Hydrogen TCP Task Meetings

We are pleased to confirm that funds are available to support Australian hydrogen researchers to take part in activities of the IEA Hydrogen Technology Collaboration Program (TCP). For the past 5 years Task Experts from Australia have been supported by a grant from ARENA to attend those Task meetings on which Australia has expert representation. As of 2024, funds to attend the expert meetings are being made available with a grant from DCCEW via the AHRN. At the present time Australia is represented on Task 40: Energy storage and conversion based on hydrogen (Australian experts: Professor Craig Buckley and Dr. Jim Webb). Other tasks that may be of interest to Australian researchers are:

Under the new arrangement, funds can be made available to attend appropriate task meetings of up to 50 % of the total travel costs. The funding covers airfares, accommodation and subsistence costs. The other 50 % is expected to be covered by the expert’s institution. Funds will be available until the present allocation from the DCCEW grant have been used. The funding (maximum of 50 % of costs) will be distributed to the Task expert on submission of all receipts associated with the Task meeting to the AHRN Treasurer (Jeffrey Ng).


A Task expert is defined as someone who has been officially approved by both the Australian Executive Committee Member on the IEA Hydrogen TCP and the Task Operating Agent.

Selection Criteria

Given that the Task expert is already screened prior to being appointed as an Australian Expert a short CV is not required for the funding application. The applicant is however encouraged to put forward in a short proposal how they intend to contribute to the task, what are their commitments in regard to dissemination of task activities within Australia and what is their potential contribution to the work of the AHRN. If applications outstrip the allocated budget, the AHRN designated review committee will decide how the funding is allocated based on the degree of past funding received by the Task experts. It is expected that Task experts receiving the funding will provide a short report within 6 weeks after returning from the Task meeting.

Please submit a short proposal by email to the AHRN Selection Committee c/o detailing the Task Meeting topic, venue, estimated costs and a short response to the selection criteria. The email must be submitted at least 4 weeks prior to the starting date of the Task meeting.

For further information please contact:

Dr Andrew Dicks
Australian Hydrogen Research Network
+61 458 077 727

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