About us

Australian Hydrogen Research Network Ltd. (AHRN) is a national non-profit company limited by guarantee that represents the community of researchers and interested stakeholders supporting the emerging hydrogen industry. We foster excellence in hydrogen-related research through an ongoing program of seminars and knowledge-sharing activities. By providing thought leadership, advocacy, and research tools, the AHRN offers its members domestic networking opportunities as well as access to international collaborations.

Strategy Group

This group was set up in 2022 to help establish the AHRN as a registered company and assist in the day development of the company strategy and activities such as responding to the revision of Australia’s National Hydrogen Strategy. The team members now play an active role in the working groups.  Current members of the strategy group are:  Dr Hamid Abdi (Deakin University), Dr Jessica Allen (University of Newcastle), Daniel Lane (CSIRO), Dr Mauricio Di Lorenzo (Curtin University), Prof Paul Medwell (University of Adelaide), Prof Bahman Shabani (RMIT University), and Dan O’Sullivan (CSIRO).;

Foundation Partners