Welcome to the home of the AHRN, the Australian Hydrogen Research Network. The organisation was established in 2021 and incorporated as a non-profit public company in 2023. The AHRN is the community of researchers and interested stakeholders supporting the emerging hydrogen industry in Australia. We foster excellence in hydrogen-related research through an ongoing program of seminars and knowledge-sharing activities. By providing thought leadership, advocacy, and research tools, the AHRN offers its members domestic networking  opportunities as well as access to international collaborations.


Upcoming Events

For further details, please visit the website at www.ahrc2024.com.au.

International Research Fellowships

The International Hydrogen Research Fellowship Program supports research in areas of critical national importance, by providing the opportunity for early to mid-career researchers in Australia to partner with researchers overseas.

We have awarded 20 fellowships, and Expressions of Interest are now open for our third and final round.

Find out how to express interest in a research fellowship. Family assistance is available to fellowship holders.

International Research Delegations

The International Collaboration for Hydrogen Research led delegations for Australia's researchers to learn more about hydrogen activities in other countries. In 2022, research delegations went to Germany, France, Japan, UK and the USA. During 2023, delegations visited Singapore, Republic of Korea and India. Further delegations are being planned later in 2024. Read more about these delegations.

Grant Funding for IEA Hydrogen TCP

Funding is available for researchers to take part in IEA Hydrogen TCP tasks. Click here for further information.


Global Science and Technology Diplomacy Fund

Supported by the Australian Academy of Science (AAS) and the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering (ATSE) on behalf of the federal government, the fund aims to support and strengthen Australia’s international science relationships and build Australia’s reputation as a trusted science research partner.  One of the priority themes is Hydrogen Production.   Click here for further information.

Forthcoming hydrogen conferences and events

June 11 - 14: Australian Energy Week 2024  Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

June  19 - 20: The 8th Australian Hydrogen Conference Adelaide Convention Centre

July 9 -11: Connecting Green Hydrogen APAC Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

September 4 - 6: Second Australian Hydrogen Research Conference Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Perth

September 12 - 13: Asia Pacific Hydrogen 2024 Summit & Exhibition Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre

October 23 - 24: All Energy Australia Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

ARENA Media Release

10 April 2024

On behalf of the Australian Government, the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) todayannounced it has awarded $59.1 million in funding across 21 research projects to support research anddevelopment (R&D) and […]

AHRN newsletter January 2024

12 March 2024

Happy new year to all AHRN members, partners and stakeholders! Last year was an amazing year for the AHRN, beginning with the first ever Hydrogen Research Conference in Canberra in […]

Australia’s critical hydrogen research questions

5 February 2024

This report was produced based on panel discussions and attendee feedback from the AHRC 2023.

AHRN newsletter September 2023

18 October 2023

AHRN newsletter July 2023

18 October 2023

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