AHRN newsletter January 2024

Happy new year to all AHRN members, partners and stakeholders!

Last year was an amazing year for the AHRN, beginning with the first ever Hydrogen Research Conference in Canberra in February 2023. This was a huge success by many measures and gave the network confidence to establish ourselves as an independent non-profit company on July 1st.  Throughout the year we maintained a steady program of online research seminars,  published reports and submissions that have been well received. Now, with our new board of directors and foundation partners, we have set up a new website and look forward to serving the hydrogen research community and emerging hydrogen industry over the next 12 months.

As set out in our new constitution, the AHRN Ltd seeks to promote and improve research in disciplines relating to hydrogen and the hydrogen industry, by promoting the dissemination of knowledge of hydrogen science and technology through conferences, lectures and the publication of papers and reports.  In this newsletter we will indicate how we plan to a carry out this mission, and how you can become involved.  

Starting in February, we will continue with online and occasional in-person research seminars, to help knowledge sharing and engagement. These will lead to our second Australian Hydrogen Research Conference which will be held from 4th to 6th September at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Perth.  More details will follow – so make sure you register to receive updated emails and notices about the conference.   

Over the past 18 months the number of people on the AHRN mailing list has grown from just over 100 to more than 700 and similar numbers follow our LinkedIn page.  Our aim over the next 12 months is to both grow our membership base and ensure that we are serving members and the wider stakeholder groups by providing interesting and relevant information that is not available elsewhere.

As ever, if you have items for inclusion in future newsletters or ideas that you feel would be of value to the AHRN, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. The AHRN is run by and for the research community on a voluntary basis, and I would like to thank all who have helped steer us through the events of 2024.  Many thanks for your continuing commitment and support.

Best regards,

Andrew Dicks

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